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Western Australia Teaching and Learning Conference Presentation Submission Details


Showcase presentation

(20 min + 5 min questions)

This is the type of presentation closest in style to conventional conference presentations. The presenter typically provides a more didactic overview with question time at the end. This type suits a presentation with a succinct teaching and learning research question that has been conceptualised (with or without a data collection aspect) to the point of having findings and discussion points ready for dissemination. The key consideration is sharing learning and teaching practice in a scholarly fashion. What do you have ready to disseminate that may help inform others and thus help their practice?

Interactive workshop

(90 min)

In this type of session, the presenter facilitates engagement and interaction by the participants. The emphasis is on participants doing, experiencing, questioning, discussing, debating, and experimenting through an extended session. This could include introducing participants to a new concept or practice that invites active involvement to work through, that participants could apply in their own teaching practice. Successful workshops focus on activities, as opposed to round-table discussion or extended presentations of the facilitators’ teaching and research interests.

Immersive teaching bites

*new (varied, e.g. 5-10 min)

This session type replaces the traditional poster with immersive micro activity for participants. Participants play with, see, do, or experience your Teaching Bite in an open ‘expo’ style of event. As such, they wander around the room, choosing things to try out. It might be an innovative learning object, micro activity or demonstration, interactive digital poster, something in your online environment, or a 'meet my discipline' showcase. All Bites will be spread around a large room for participants to mingle and choose. Presenters must be present to organise, explain, discuss, or facilitate as relevant.

Nuts and bolts

(3 min pitch + group discussion)

This type suits conceptual projects or ideas or those where clear findings are not yet evident. The presenter gives a 3 minute outline of the concept and then receives feedback. This can assist in devising research questions and overcoming sticking points. In the session, all presenters give their outline with a question, then the presenters and participants discuss in groups. Nuts and Bolts is about the infancy of the project or concept, although early career teachers may benefit. Anyone seeking a sounding board can benefit from the expertise of a diverse audience of colleagues.


Submissions closed for TLF 2022

Where to submit

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Summary submission information

General information:

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Showcase presentation

Submit a 250-word academic style abstract in a Word document.

Interactive workshop

Submit a 1xA4 page proposal. Use the template provided below.

Immersive Teaching Bites AND Nuts and Bolts

Submit proposal using the template provided in the documents below



Immersive Teaching Bites

Nuts and Bolts

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